Identify This and Win!

What language is this (see page 2 for answers)? What is the English translation (page 3)? WTF (page 4)?

ro’ ro’ ro’ yIbot
jItlheD Daw’ nguSDI’
marI’lI’ marI’lI’
marI’lI’ marI’lI’
law’ veS bang DaghIm

My Epitaph Collection (vol. 17)

Ouch. A graveyard with headstones:

…carved mottoless with simple names and dates as though there had been nothing even their mourners remembered of them than that they had lived and they had died…

From William Faulkner’s only mystery novel, Intruder in the Dust.

Decode This Graffiti and Win a Prize!


Prize Disclosure Statement: What you win is my appreciation.

Carved into the sink at a Santa Barbara cafe is a message that may be important:

Evade FTS

Evade …  … …?

  • Federal Trade Surplus?
  • First Time Surgeons?
  • Full Tilt Spiraling?

or maybe the message is

Evade F+S

Evade … and … ?

  • Fries and Soda?
  • Friends and Supplicants?
  • Fun and Stupidity?

Uh oh. Maybe the message is

Evade F+5

Evade … and 5 ?

I got nothing for that one.