Was It A Rat I Saw

Cover of "Rat"

The original hardcover.

To end life-threatening seizures, Tommy Dabrowski has an operation that severs the membrane which connects the two sides of his brain. The operation isolates certain brain activity, and when Tommy witnesses a murder, the part of his brain which can identify the killer no longer has access to language. Brain researcher Claire Austen and Tommy race against time to figure out what he knows before the killer comes for them.

First Published Spring, 1992.

Bantam-Doubleday-Dell, hardcover, 437 pages.

Library bestseller.

ISBN: 0385422385

Occasional  harcover copies are still available on Amazon and sometimes Powell’s Books.

Read an excerpt here.

Read the book in serial form here.

Now available as an ebook at Smashwords.


3 thoughts on “Was It A Rat I Saw

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