A 16-year-old girl keeps a secret diary (with occasional entries by a feral cat). She writes about her formerly normal life, now twisted by horrible amazing events.

DD is code for Dear Diary. sE stands for signed, Ella.

The girl, a boy, the feral cat, another girl, a jokester lizard, and the occasional trustable grownup are forced to go on the run, pursued by impossible unhuman things. The girls and the boy have a growing sense that they have a destiny to pursue. Except first they have to figure out what the Tupac it might be.

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When complete, DDsE will be a series of nine novellas. The first six novellas are now available. They are short ebooks everywhere except Amazon. On Amazon, the novellas are combined into longer volumes.

DDsE: The Beginning on Amazon combines novellas #1, #2, and #3.

DDsE: The Middle on Amazon combines novellas #4, #5, and #6.

So. If you want DDsE in print – or you prefer fewer, longer books – go to Amazon. If you find the short books fun, go to Smashwords, Apple, Barnes&Noble, or Kobo.

FYI to those hooked on the series: the newest compilations show up on Smashwords first. For instant-er gratification, follow the daily posts on the DDsE blog.