Scar Jewelry

Cover for Scar Jewelry

Cover art by Lars Huston.

What do we really know about our parents or the ways they shape us? For twins Deirdre and Langston, 20, the answer is: not enough. With their father long dead, and their mother now in a coma, they realize they don’t even know whom to notify. In fact, they understand almost nothing about their mother. They delve into her life, and as they do, they uncover secrets that revise the past and transform the future.

This novel is a work of literary fiction written in the style of a mystery. It is set in southern California in the present day and in the early days of punk.

Published: Oct 27, 2012.

Page count: 350.

Read two excerpts here.

Read Amazon reviews here.

Now available as an ebook from:
iTunes Store – for iPad and iPhone

Smashwords – for Acrobat, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, browsers, and more.
Smashwords ISBN: 9781301256938.

Buy your Kobo version from this link help to support the independent bookstore Once Upon a Time.

Amazon – for Kindle
Amazon AISN: B00A6GGQ0G.

Prefer to hold paper in your hand while you read? Scar Jewelry is also available as a trade paperback on Amazon
9″ x 6″,  236 pages
ISBN: 978-1481062893


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