Identify This and Win!

How? Why? Well, I recalled this children’s rhyme and was startled by the last line, which I had sung a bizillion times but never noticed. This led me to the internet to explore the song’s origins – which turn out to be disappointingly vague. (American minstrels, published 1852. Adapted by Lewis Carroll, 1871.) My searches uncovered many recent uses of the song in pop media, including Star Trek – which I assume generated this translation.

Did you guess right?

What do you win? Hmm. Satisfaction? Applause? Respect? All three!*

(* I don’t want my winners leaving grumpy, however, so if those are not adequate prizes, let me know and I can give you a coupon for a free copy of one of my ebooks. Check out the “Novels” tab to choose one.)

Translation from the Acoustic Music Archive.

2 thoughts on “Identify This and Win!

  1. I recognized what it’d be in English but didn’t guess the language. My thoughts were along the lines of “rap.”

    Sad on several levels, I know.


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