They’re Getting So Big!

No more kittens. Now we’ve got teen cats who spend daytime causing trouble in the backyard.

This post shows the trio as kittens.  And this post defines their personalities.


Glam shot of Arrow.


Related questions: a) How many bee stings will it take before Leo stops playing with bees? b) Do cats develop bee allergies?


Bo in the underbrush.


She got the camera out. Stop looking cute and scatter!


6 thoughts on “They’re Getting So Big!

  1. […] we must be insane, we have 5 cats. Two grown cats, Bop and Luna, age 10; and three teen cats age 8 months.  The youngsters immediately displayed distinct personalities but are all as friendly […]


  2. they’re so sweet. I especially love the “glam shot”.


  3. I’m so glad they’re all healthy and growing up so beautifully!


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