The Right Spot

Leo loves life and he makes the most of every moment. (Leo, teach me how!) When he wants to get petted, there is no ignoring him.

Pet me, please.

Pet me, please.

Oh yeah. That's the spot.

Oh yeah. That’s the spot.

I'm leaning my whole body into it.

I’m leaning my whole body into it.

And I'm... slipping away. Oops.

I leaned too hard and I’m… slipping away. Oops. Don’t worry, I’ll come right back.

Here is a movie of the same session, with his mega-purr on the soundtrack. (More than one morning, he has awakened somebody in the household with that purr.) No need to watch the whole thing. Any ten second interval will give you the idea.

Years ago, a famous therapist pointed out that humans would be much healthier psychologically if we could ask for affection whenever we needed it – if we could mimic the cat who climbs into a lap as needed. I don’t remember the therapist’s name but I remember that observation whenever one of my cats shows up for a dose of affection.

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