Steps to An Hilarious Video

Sorry to say you’ll have to make your own video, or picture it in your head. Whenever I grab the camera the moment is over.

  1. Acquire a dog who likes cats.
  2. Introduce kittens to the dog.
  3. Repeat 2) until kittens cease to hiss at dog.
  4. Make dog happy (praise, pats, treats – it’s all good).
  5. Dog wags tail.
  6. Kittens play with the wagging tail.
    • One hangs off a table, batting alternate paws at the tail: left right left right.
    • One moves its head in sympathetic rhythm: back forth back forth back forth.
    • One grabs at the tail, which alerts dog to the tail play, which concludes the session. (Dog fears kitten claws.)

One thought on “Steps to An Hilarious Video

  1. […] last, some footage to demonstrate the potential in this methodology! (See this post for the other six steps.) Also, at last I have fulfilled my obligation as a citizen of the 21st […]


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