The Right Nickname: I Keep On Searchin’

My name, Suzanne, has never inspired me. As a kid, I hunted for great artists and thinkers with the same name so that I could pretend they were my namesake. I found the minor league actress Suzanne Pleshette. Throughout my life I’ve been called Susan by mistake.

Once I got sprung from high school I ditched Suzanne except on forms, and I’ve been Sue ever since. That isn’t more fulfilling, but it doesn’t remind me of childhood. My grandmother used to call me Susie and I bet it would be fun to be a Susie but I don’t think it’s me. Maybe on a long holiday I should try it out, somewhere among strangers who could say it with a straight face.

For a while in high school, somebody called me Sudsy. Glad that one didn’t stick.

I was sort of mistaken for a Susie for a while.  Back before cell phones, when we had names in curious artifacts called phone books, for a while I got a lot of calls from guys looking for a Susie. Apparently she met guys pretty much everywhere – bars, restaurants, laundromat, in line at the bank – chatted them up and then when they asked for her number she told them she was in the book. Except she wasn’t in the book; I was. Thanks Susie. One time I got a terribly early morning call from a distraught woman.

“Is this Susie? Susie Sunshine?”

“No this is definitely not Susie Sunshine.”

“Susie, this is serious. Listen carefully.  Your brother has got a gun and he – ”  In retrospect I suppose I regret stopping her before she got to the punch line.

But I digress.

I would love to have a great nickname, and I keep searching. Well. Without lifting a verbal, mental, or physical finger, I keep searching.  I remain open to the possibility.

The closest I’ve come so far was also back in the day, when credit card companies sent unrequested cards in the mail. One of them mistyped my name. Suzane. We assumed the correct pronunciation was [Sue-ZANE] and a friend called me that for years. But the usage never spread.

I do enjoy all the names my kids have for me. Madre, Mumsters, Short Stuff are a scant few examples. I heard somewhere that numerous nicknames are a sign of love, so the more the better.

This post topic comes from The Daily Prompt.


15 thoughts on “The Right Nickname: I Keep On Searchin’

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  4. it never occurred to me that you could be a Susan or Suzanne.


  5. […] The Right Nickname: I Keep On Searchin’ | Required Writing […]


  6. My husband is also often called by his surname thanks to his line of work, once married i was called ‘mrs (lastname)’. These days if someone calls it we both turn around …but they are usually referring to him lol. Still gives me another way into the conversation…you called me..ha ha. My stepdad called me (and still does) ‘squib’ for years – i have no idea what that means …in fact i may google it now xB


    • (googled) ‘A squib is a miniature explosive device used in a wide range of industries, from special effects to military applications. It resembles a tiny stick of dynamite, both in appearance and construction, although with considerably less explosive power’ I quite like this definition….though I’m not sure if i should or not ha ha. I give you credit for inspiring me to learn something new 🙂


      • I would definitely call that a compliment! I had been thinking “a small poultry for eating” But actually I think that is a squab not a squib.


      • The Urban dictionary definition is my favourite:
        ‘One who does not know how to work freeview’ ie
        “oi change the channel, oh wait you cant your a squib.”

        Its a shame you’ve not had the pleasure of a sticky nickname, I’ve had a shed load of nicknames by various people but not many that were called across the board/by everyone etc. Just individuals from individuals.

        Isnt there a suzy perry on the gadget show? we could call you…gadget? …no? ha ha


      • Hmm (pondering) Gadget isn’t bad although it would set most Californians off onto Gidget references (cute little surfer bunny, definitely pre-feminist). Also I probably don’t get to choose my own nickname.


      • Remember when George tried to get everyone to call him T-Bone on “Seinfeld”? Ahh ha ha.


      • I have never watched a “Seinfeld” episode. I hope this does not shrink me in your esteem.


  7. I don’t care much about nicknames, but I have ALWAYS wanted people to refer to me by my last name. My maiden name took too much effort. Much as I wanted people to call me by it, I knew they never would. But since my husband has such a common first name, people have been calling him by his last name for years and years. I had a slim hope that when we got married, it would finally happen for me. Still hasn’t, unfortunately. I’m back at my original Best Chance Plan: become a professional athlete or poker player.


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