A Sign It Didn’t Go Well

By the time I got to the beach, the flowers had already started to shed petals into the sea. I don’t know what went down before I arrived, but a lovely bouquet in the surf can’t be a good sign.

2014-09-28 18.17.38


Too bold on the first date?

Thanks for the birthday flowers, shame my birthday was last week?

Flowers can’t buy forgiveness, you @#$%^?

Graduation celebration run amuck?

Miss Runner-Up?

Or… ?

What do you think happened?


(The WP Weekly Photo Challenge is Signs.)


5 thoughts on “A Sign It Didn’t Go Well

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  2. My inner optimist kicked an and read this as a romantic scene. Likely there was a a near-deserted island wedding. Post-ceremony, in a grand gesture, the bride tossed her bouquet into the waiting arms of the ever-lonely ocean.
    The sea delivered the blooms to you. So that you could gaze upon them and wonder what horror occurred. 😉


  3. Love this! It does cry out for an explanation, doesn’t it?!

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  4. Great take on challenge and definitely a photo with a story.

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