Sisyphus the Sign Mender

DMV counter, 2013:


Same counter, 2014:

2014-07-31 11.03.28

New sign, same outcome. I think I see where the problem lies. When you put kids on the counter, they squirm around and hurt the sign. That’s why the sign is needed. To protect the sign.

(The WP Weekly Photo Challenge is Signs.)


9 thoughts on “Sisyphus the Sign Mender

  1. LOL – love the interpretation!


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  3. I’m just curious about the sign, in general. Even in FloriDUH, there isn’t a need for that sort of warning.
    Or the DMV has just given up trying.

    Yep. That one’s more likely.

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  4. A sign to protect the sign … I love it! 🙂

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  5. Mind your Ps. Hilarious!

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  6. I think we need to look at this a different way. Perhaps the sign is trying to tell us something subliminally with the missing letters. So far, an E and a P. I would worry if the next time you see it, the H and L are missing!

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  7. LOL that’s very funny!😍


  8. Perhaps they need a bigger sign so that the parents understand!


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