Perhaps I Bore Them

Do people yawn when we are bored, or does that only happen in fiction?

Do cats yawn when they are bored? Do cats get bored? How could we tell?

My cats yawn at me pretty frequently. Should I take it personally?


(The WP Weekly Photo Challenge said to juxtapose two photos to engage them in dialogue. I remain clueless about what that means even after it sparked several posts!)


6 thoughts on “Perhaps I Bore Them

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  2. Phoenix Tears Healed

    scientists say it’s a mystery; experts say it’s communication; cats say it’s a natural response to living the good life hey hey hey 😀


  3. LOL on your final comment 🙂 There may be a dialogue between these two. They say “HAH, I’m more bored than you are!”


  4. Bravo! There is nothing boring about these photos. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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