Exercise Your Blog Voting Rights

What are you doing here? Perhaps you have asked yourself that question. Perhaps you have an answer. If so, please share it in the poll over thataway —-> in the right-hand column.

Blogging 201 recommends that I use a poll or survey to find out what ya’all like about this blog. In principle this is a great idea, and I think polls are fun. Only problem is that the poll results are unlikely to influence future posts, because I can only post what I feel like posting at the moment. So I will be quite interested to learn what you think, however your vote will not lead to any real change.

I assume it is clear that I am not a politician.

Alert: If your browser is not open fully the poll may not appear. If you are on a phone, you must scroll for frigging ever to see it fleetingly. I’m sorry. Discouraged, I am unwilling to check iPad performance. In case you wish to vote semi-manually, below is a snapshot of the poll. You can enter your vote in a comment here. 

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 5.33.23 PM


5 thoughts on “Exercise Your Blog Voting Rights

  1. FYI with my browser (Chrome) open at not-full-screen, my viewing frame is too narrow and the poll gets bumped down. If I’m looking at the main/home/multi-post page, that means WAY down. As in “can’t find it.” Full screen it’s fine.


    • Sigh. God only knows what happens on a device. I suppose I should check on a device. Sigh.


      • This was-is desktop. You might be able to check & duplicate it using Safari or whatever, but I don’t know if there’s any “fix” – if the browser window is too narrow to properly display incoming stuff, something has to give, right? Automagically reformatting to move stuff down when it can’t fit left-right is reasonable and maybe the only option.


  2. Tricky, since I like all of the choices. Maybe if it asked what I liked BEST? I dunno.

    Which would of course be my answer.


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