Betcha Can’t Guess What This Is

This photo is a cyclops I call Bob. What the heck is Bob, anyway? Post your guess then see the answer on page 2.

From whence did Bob arise?

From whence did Bob arise?


4 thoughts on “Betcha Can’t Guess What This Is

  1. […] daughter is wise, but I will continue to defy her. Sure I’ve got lots of images with this sea wall – but with every visit it’s a new wall. Certainly, there’s never been a princess […]


  2. […] P.P.S. I’ve got numerous photos of reflections in other posts. For example, in these posts about an optical illusion, a search for a deadly predator, and a spectacular view at the end of a hike. I will let you figure out which is which: here,  here, and here. […]


  3. I’m going with “bird bath.”


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