Me x Me

My collection of “selfie” photographs
says more about what I like than what I look like.

Some of my favorite where and when:

Me at the beach as sunset approaches.

Me at the beach as sunset approaches.

I love the uncertain sense of motion
as outgoing surf removes sand beneath my heels:


My theory here was that the view
was more interesting than a mugshot:

Me, beach, sunset

Me, beach, sunset

An earlier exploration of the same theory
created a disturbing furry beach creature:

Careful, it's alive!

Careful, it’s alive!

One morning, I stopped walking the dog
long enough to capture a compelling shadow me:

Stop sign halo.

Stop sign halo.

A kindred spirit?:

Not, technically, a selfie.

This palm tree at sunset is not, technically, a selfie.

Whether I’ve been to the beach or not,
this is a fine way to conclude any day:

My lap, occupied.

My lap, occupied.

(The WP Weekly Photo Challenge asked to see “Selfies”.)


4 thoughts on “Me x Me

  1. I think the elusive beach Creature and the bashful palm tree warrant more investigation.


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