WP Twilight Zone

You might want to ignore this post. It is a test to see if a peculiar WordPress message is correct. At least some WP users (including me) this morning see a notice demanding confirmation of our email addresses. We are warned that if we do not confirm our emails, we cannot publish posts. To confirm, we need to respond to an email that WP allegedly sent. We got no such email. And when we click on the link to “Resend Email” nothing happens… or anyway, nothing happens that is visible to us.

As a conspiracy theorist, I now believe that this notice is the work of a hacker and that something nefarious occurs when we click on the “resend email” link.

Anyway, now I am testing to see whether I can still publish without having confirmed my email address. If you see this post, that substantiates my conspiracy theory.

What an exciting Monday morning!


2 thoughts on “WP Twilight Zone

  1. Just make sure you don’t fish for change in a needle-infested pay phone and/or lose your kidney in a hotel bathtub after publishing and you’ll be fine.


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