Bag, Box, and Clubhouse

Warning: If you hate cute cat pix, stop reading now before you ruin your day.

Like all cats, the five in my household like to go inside stuff. It is the moments like these that persuade me to forgive them during times like these.

Here are Bop and Luna in a deep bag:

Bagful of cats.

Bagful of cats.

The kittens often play in a long narrow box. Arrow also uses the box when it’s time for her meds:

Ever tried to drag a cat out of a 6 foot x 5 inch box?

Bo, Leo, and Arrow spend many hours in a mostly dead bush that has become their clubhouse:

Entrance to the Clubhouse

Entrance to the Clubhouse

Can you spot Bo deep in the Clubhouse?

Can you spot Bo deep in the Clubhouse?


This is what one’s paws look like after a day in the Clubhouse:

Nothing is better than coming home filthy.

Few things are finer than coming home filthy.


Bop does about five times more cute stuff than any other cat I’ve known. This is likely related to her being such a jerk to the other cats. If she’s cute enough I won’t return her to the shelter? Hmm. May have worked so far. She likes to help me sort papers:

There. All arranged.

There. All arranged.

And in some situations she acknowledges the lowly human has the right idea:

PIllow and comforter enhance the nap experience.

A pIllow and comforter can enhance the nap experience.

For those of you who don’t know cats very well, an assurance: no cats were organized or arranged in the shooting of these photographs.

The Weekly Photo Challenge wants to see “Inside”.


7 thoughts on “Bag, Box, and Clubhouse

  1. Love the fasination cats have with boxes!


  2. Ca’t go wrong with cut cat photos… precious..


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