The Gift of Joke-Telling

“… what did the turkey do?”

 (This piece exists in response to this Weekly Writing Challenge.)

7 thoughts on “The Gift of Joke-Telling

  1. […] yesterday’s post, I noted that I can never remember a joke’s punch line. That got me thinking about  lines […]


  2. That 2-page layout was truly like The Joke That Just Kept Giving. I chuckled, when I thought you’d cleverly set up an elaborate “See? I already forgot the punchline!” ruse. Then I read the comments, saw the 2nd page and actual punchline and laughed even harder.
    Genius…whether you intended it all or not.


  3. Update on my earlier comment: Just noticed that there was a second page, which I might have missed if I wasn’t paying attention. Did you mean to have two pages, because it definitely cuts off the punchline! But you know, I thought it was AWESOME that you left us hanging, as if to re-emphasize the “can’t remember jokes” theme.
    Either way, it was fun. :O)


    • I didn’t mean to leave you hanging! I did mean to have two pages to prevent advance reading of the punchline. (My eyes always skip ahead when I am reading and I hate that…) Although you are right, no punchline would have been a perfect conclusion to the “can’t remember” theme. …. (ponders) How mean would it be to scrap the punch line…


  4. Awwww! I see what you did there. Very effective “always leave ’em wanting more” post. smile.


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