What Is It About Dogs and Skunks?

Our dog got sprayed again the other day, chasing a skunk in our backyard again. I can’t decide whether she…

a) still does not understand the connection between chasing the skunk and getting sprayed?

b) thinks the risk is worth the reward?

c) likes the smell?

d) likes to get that special bath?

I’m pretty certain the answer is not d), given how little she likes baths.

The last time she got sprayed, I was covered in it by the time we figured out why she was foaming at the mouth. In line at the grocery store, people around me were sniffing the air and saying, ‘smells like burning tires.’ Heh.

A couple days later, I was still emitting eau d’skunk in the 110 degree room of a Bikram yoga class. Turns out the instructor was one of those one in a billion who loves the smell. (Dog in previous life?) This, however, did not make me less of a pariah during the class. But for once I got the floor space I deserve.


4 thoughts on “What Is It About Dogs and Skunks?

  1. This is a test skunk. This is only a test skunk. If this had been an actual skunk your dog would have chased it.


  2. I have never smelled skunk spray. Is it better or worse smelling than dead animal? And my vote, is “c”, because I know our Jackdog loved disgusting smells.

    Also, I got some good floor space in Yoga the other day by turning my mat perpendicular to everyone else’s. When the lady closest to me gave me a look, I simply said, “I want to see the instructor and myself.”


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