Take the Poll About Your Writing Times

New poll on the home page of my blog: What time of day do you prefer to write?

I’m a night owl stuck in an early bird world: my answer used to be 4a because I stayed up that late. Nowadays it is 4a because I got up a little early.

Uh huh. So this is the adulthood that I was so eager to get to.


2 thoughts on “Take the Poll About Your Writing Times

  1. By the way, I really loved Scar Jewelry……….the first part was a little over my comprehension (being the old time kinda person I am), but then I loved what you wrote and hope you do more real soon. And, that was all within my understanding……….hope to be talking to you soon. By the way, who is Julie?


  2. Don’t rush getting to this so called adult age………..I’m older than dirt, as the saying goes, and not even close to being an adult! Tis really fun getting there!


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