“Never Pass Up the Unrepeatable Experience”

This is something a friend of a friend once said. Every time I recall it, I think these are words to live by. Then I forget about it again.

I remembered it tonight, half way through one of the best concerts I have ever attended (and that is saying something). Live music is always an unrepeatable experience. Tonight was the Punch Brothers. Even if music reviews were my thing, I wouldn’t know how to describe them. Alt-punk-bluegrass. Brilliant musicians who play with virtuosity, wit, and occasional sarcasm.  Such a great band. This was my fourth time seeing them. I hope for 100 more. We bought the tickets months ago and had fantastic seats…

…but come concert time, we had to take one of our cats to the emergency clinic and we were still at the clinic when the opening act took the stage. Pessimistic, son tried to sell our tix on Craig’s List. Fortunately, there were no buyers. We got to the concert late but still got to enjoy more than 1.5 hours of it and I cannot believe that I considered giving up and staying home. Don’t give up and stay home.  This is a lesson that I have to keep re-learning. (Wonder why that is?)

Never pass up the unrepeatable experience. I’m thinking that life counts as one.


2 thoughts on ““Never Pass Up the Unrepeatable Experience”

  1. […] During that time, I had to toss my tickets to two different concerts because I was too busy or tired to attend. That is a lot of alliteration and so wrong! […]


  2. Excellent point! I shall think of it the next time I face a similar situation.


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