Letter Art

My son gets it. The power and beauty of letters. He used letterpress and song lyrics to make this print. I see something new every time I look at it and I’ve looked at it a lot.


By Lars Huston

This post brought to you by the Proud Mom Society (a rather large organization) and the Weekly Photo Challenge topic: Letters.

Screenprint Art

When screenprinting, my son often starts with a photo and then Does Stuff to it in Photoshop and Illustrator before he prints the result, giving the image a new and remarkable story to tell.


With the right software you can make a guy pink.

Here, he added tattoos.

Or you can add a lot of tattoos.

Or you can throw in some UFOs.

Or you can throw in some UFOs.

These were all done as class projects. Now he is talking about scrapping art as a major. Sigh. His choice. His life. His choice. His life. His…