A Zoom Side Effect Pertinent to Fruit

I’m spending a vast number of hours on Zoom nowadays. Meanwhile, I’ve rounded a bend and will soon clock in at 3 weeks alone. That has led to some, um, interesting thought patterns.

The other day, I was noticing how I was out of fresh blueberries, and running low on frozen blueberries.

This on its own would be a crisis. Each week I eat most of the available blueberries in the world. But that’s another story.

Anyhow. As I pondered my blueberry situation, I caught myself thinking of the berries, not as fresh and frozen blues, but as live and recorded blueberries.


3 thoughts on “A Zoom Side Effect Pertinent to Fruit

  1. You made me laugh. And now, I’m wondering why are you trying to consume all the berries of the world?


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