When Metal Frays

Everything weathers or wears or frays, each according to its materials. It is such a commonplace process yet produces so many extraordinary results, including the intricate silhouettes of mountain ranges and beach sand that massages your feet as you walk.

I am especially fond of rust, provided it is not my stuff that is doing the rusting. A stairway in the U. Colorado, Boulder, athletic stadium is doing the rusting here. The pooled water is surely causing yet more rust, plus an artful reflection of a railing that was boring in real life:

ps2014-06-24 20.06.01

Nearby, the stairs come with cartoon faces (I promised myself I wouldn’t mention beings from other dimensions again):

2014-06-24 20.06.40

And these stairs suggest star nebula images from the Hubble telescope (if you ignore the yellow non-skid tape):

ps2014-06-24 20.05.34

Out in West Hollywood, CA, I’m pretty sure this brand new sidewalk tree root cover is not supposed to be rusting already, but I’m glad that it is!:

ps2014-06-29 19.11.03

This rusting sea wall in Santa Barbara, CA, looks very much like my daughter’s knee after a horrendous scrape, but let’s not talk about that and I will resist the urge to post a comparison photo:

psEastB2014-06-01 18.30.24

Here is the sea wall with a little more context:

EastB2014-06-01 18.30.18

In the low-slung light just before sunset, even a rust hater would have to enjoy this view of the same sea wall:



The WP Weekly Photo Challenge is Fray.


9 thoughts on “When Metal Frays

  1. This info is worth everyone’s attention. When can I find out more?


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  4. […] Challenge: Fray WoollyMuses Weekly Photo Challenge-Fray btacoma Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray Required Writing When Metal Frays chattel (i reside in marichu’s lateral thinking; i’m her ghostwriter & […]


  5. I really like your interpretation. I wondered when I came, how metal would fray. I love the first photo.



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