Responsive At Last

Which is blurry, the image or my brain?

Which is blurry, the image or my brain? After hours of changing blog colors, I am unsure.

I can be incredibly unaware of my surroundings. I can walk through a place I have lived for years and think, “hey, is that light fixture new?” and of course the answer is never yes.

If you aren’t like me, you will have noticed that I have changed the look of my blog.

I am happy with this new layout and I love being able to change the header picture with each click. I’m less settled on this color scheme. Everything I thought I would like wound up too industrial, too lurid, or too Easter. I may revert back to black words on a pale background. (Actually, there are glitches in older posts and some text is black on the current background. Tsk.) But this is the new blog for now. I can’t experiment with more colors until I recover from color palette psychosis.

The most important change is that this blog design works much much better on phones and tablets. The term is responsive. This blog now has a responsive design.

I’ve learned that term and made these changes as part of the WordPress Blogging 201 challenge, which is proving quite valuable and has made it easy to tackle changes and additions I’ve meant to make for some time.

What do you think of the changes? What’s better now? What still needs work? Do you miss anything from Required Writing Mach I?

Or are you reading this because you had a typo when you searched on required wiring?

P.S. I’ve changed content too. Can you find where? Hint: check the top menus.

P.P.S. The image comes from an on-line science mag for Cambridge U., and a fascinating article on synesthesia, a condition where the senses blend together (for example, for some people, sounds come with colors). I’m almost grateful for the color palette psychosis that led me to that article…


6 thoughts on “Responsive At Last

  1. I learned about synesthesia many years ago in a Psychology of Addictions class. Apparently, it is often an effect during acid trips. I can’t be the only one who wants to try acid just for that purpose. Also, if someone does *enough* acid, the synesthesia can be permanent, even when not tripping. I tell myself that would be a bad thing; not knowing whether you’re hearing a smell or smelling a sound…but I don’t always agree with myself.

    I like the new look!


    • I agree! Although I know somebody who used to take acid who says that synesthesia is not a guaranteed effect. Kandinsky had synesthesia. Last time I was in New York I got to see a Kandinsky exhibit (twice) and he has many paintings and drawings associated with the music he saw and the colors he heard.


  2. I don’t know what your blog looked like before but I do like how you’ve presented the information. I particularly like how you’ve formatted the drop down menu Greatest Hits tab on your top menu. The theme you have is clean and easy to navigate around. Lovely Sue 🙂 Somewhere I read that you like variety, maybe too much, that may be but it doesn’t manifest itself through the presentation of your writings. I too am participating in the 201 gig but on the back foot I’m finding. It’s moving so quickly!


  3. I like it!
    I’ll have to test it on my mobile devices and report back. Thanks for giving me a project.


  4. Haven’t tried on mobile (tablet is Away For Repair) but looks fine in normal browser. I do like the changing header pics; makes me want to, you know. Refresh. A lot.


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