It Must Be A Generational Thing

Is this your Starbucks?

Is this your Starbucks?

As I left Starbucks this afternoon, I overheard a snippet of conversation between two teen girls exiting with drinks that are essentially dessert-in-a-cup.

“Didn’t you get him a coffee?” asked the first girl.

“No, he doesn’t like Starbucks coffee,” replied the second.

“Well,” said the first, philosophically and with complete sincerity, “Starbucks isn’t known for its coffee.”


2 thoughts on “It Must Be A Generational Thing

  1. I actually like Starbucks. I order a small Pikes Place coffee in a medium size cup, so I can add milk.They are nice to me and nice to their employees by all accounts I’ve heard. I do wish the teens would stay away though, ’cause i have one at home, and I don’t want to have to deal with more than that.


    • I too like Starbucks but I don’t mind the teens unless there is a large clot of them ordering then changing their orders right in front of me. Which come to think of it has never actually happened.


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