Creatures of Erosion – A Beach Rorschach

A very low tide at Santa Barbara, California’s East Beach reveals a sea wall whose barnacles, mussels, and erosion combine to suggest some magical creatures. Anyway, that is what I see. How about you?

A fantastical biped with another grazing behind?

A fantastical quadruped with another grazing behind?

The creatures look even more mysterious in shadow:

2013-11-03 15.17.43

Here are some close-ups of the creature’s hide:

2013-11-03 15.17.31

2013-11-03 15.18.18

Note the anemones nestled at the creature’s feet:

2013-11-03 15.19.45


5 thoughts on “Creatures of Erosion – A Beach Rorschach

  1. […] a reader of this blog for long, that’s an easy one to answer. It’s part of a pair of decaying sea walls that fascinate me. (Fascination is a kinder word than obsession.) Here’s a wider shot of […]


  2. […] vast numbers of photos of the same half mile stretch. But nothing is static there, not even the eroding sea wall I’ve shot a bizillion times.  On this trip, I discovered a piece of kelp tangled on the […]


  3. […] think twice about it? Certainly, I’ve always been fascinated by shadows and reflections and silhouettes – their ability to reproduce while distorting, maintaining the familiar within the […]


  4. What amazing natural formations. I can see the creatures. But I can also see them as a kind of palace with secret nooks and crannies for water fairies.


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