Book Review: “Dark Tide” by Elizabeth Haynes


The staid and wild sides of a woman’s life collide when a body washes up on her newly purchased houseboat.

I loved the first half of this book – for a while it was so hard to put down, I feared that I had derailed my life by picking it up – but gradually interest waned. It remained fun to read but the story got more predictable, I never really liked the main character, and I got frustrated with the number of times that she made boneheaded decisions that put her in danger for the service of the plot. Curiously, for all the sex, the book was not very sensual. All in all, a fun read but nothing special. The locations are cool though: the main character lives on a houseboat she is in the process of fixing up.

This book was written during NaNoWriMo, a one month writing challenge. Frankly I wish the author had given it another few months.

I got this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

P.S. Here is a synopsis of the book with embellishments by the publisher.


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