Insomnia Ain’t All Bad (And Don’t Forget the Rorschach)

One of my least favorite traits: when I get overloaded and face an upcoming crazy day at work, sometimes I can’t sleep.

So here I am, 2:42 a.m., alarm set for 7.

Full moon tonight on a warm and bright night. These photos are shadows of tree leaves, cast by moonlight on my car hood. Reflection of the moon also appears.

I tweaked the B&W contrast in Photoshop, with a bigger tweak in the second photo (hence my car hood looks like a poorly paved road).

And now, to bed. Perchance to sleep.

P.S. While we’re at it – impromptu Rorschach test! What do you see in these images? I see a cave painting of a chicken in the bottom photo.


One thought on “Insomnia Ain’t All Bad (And Don’t Forget the Rorschach)

  1. […] And when the moon is bright enough to cast shadows, magic ensues. Usually the shadow images aren’t dense or defined enough to show up well in my photographs. But one night recently, they […]


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