And Then The Doorbell Rang…

On the front porch were two Jehovah’s Witnesses. Are you testing me God?  Although I had curiosity about several religions, this was a faith that held zero interest for me. But it was not a juxtaposition I could ignore: pray for sign – doorbell rings. So I commenced weekly sessions with these two women, both of whom were adult converts to the religion. They reduced my skepticism to maybe 92%.

When I returned to my university in the fall, I continued sessions with the local Jehovah’s Witnesses, but not for long, maybe because I interacted with people whose families had been in that religion for generations. I felt no kinship or connection (although I did hear one fantastic anecdote, which I will post about soon – watch for a title about a Meat Pan). So I cancelled my search for a faith, and in the intervening decades that encounter came to feel like a memory from a previous lifetime.

Recently, the issue of faith arose again and this time I don’t think it will go away.

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