The Daily Prompt: Take Care – Caught Me!

This Daily Prompt is disturbingly well timed. It catches me ducking the same questions in real life: Do I allow someone to take care of me?… What does it take for me to ask for help?

Next week I will have surgery to replace a hip. If I listen to the surgeon, within a couple weeks I will be back to activity, cautiously, with a cane. I like that worldview. But the hospital says to expect weeks of incapacity. I like that not at all. It is a big dose of old and helpless.

Either way, I’ll need help. But a couple weeks means I only tap those who have offered. Many weeks means asking those who haven’t offered help.  That would be a first for me. I’m sure it would lead to great personal growth, yada yada. I am spending equal amounts of time not thinking about it, believing it will all work out fine whatever it turns out to be, and opting to try something easier than asking for help, such as training the cats to wait on me.

Reflecting further on this prompt, I discover that the ability to ask for help requires love, trust, and confidence, in myself and the other person.


5 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt: Take Care – Caught Me!

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  3. A neighbour, a good friend, had his hip replaced several years ago and he’s a very independent person so he wasn’t looking forward to the recovery period. It’s made such a massive difference to his life though 🙂 He’s out on his bicycle every day and plays footie with his grandson, not to mention all the gardening he does! Good luck with your op and I hope you have a speedy recovery.


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