Yeast Bread: Invention or Discovery?

Nowadays I’m not much into cooking but I do like thinking about how recipes and techniques got started. I assume many of them were happened upon, along the lines of gee, nobody in the Singh family ever seems to die after they eat and they sure love spicy food …hmm, maybe those spices can help with spoiled meat.

The capper, for me, is yeast bread. Think about it. You’re a baker like me so you get distracted and when you wander back – yikes, the dough is a monster, over the sides of the bowl, WTF

…So you hit it – why? Fear maybe? Frustration? Popping an air bubble? Oh that looks okay again… but why are the kids screaming? Is there a sabertooth loose in the neighborhood?…

… and you wander away again and when you come back: not again! You hit it a few more times and you decide, better get this thing on the fire before it really gets out of control…

What do you think? Is that how yeast bread happened? Or did someone say, these tiny organisms promote certain chemical reactions, I wonder how they will interact with wheat…


One thought on “Yeast Bread: Invention or Discovery?

  1. Beer, too!

    “Let’s leave this yeast to ferment, add some of these flowery things, mash it all together with some water, and drink it up. Mmm-hicc-mmm! Oh, now, what’s this? Everything seems funnier than before, and I’ve finally got the courage to profess my love to Nellie down the lane.”


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