My Unappreciated Rosemary

Driving home today, I passed a mass of lovely blue flowers. Wonder how long my rosemary bushes have been blooming?

I take my rosemary for granted. For many months it provides such charming flowers. It pleases bees.  It never needs water, it rarely needs pruning, it always spreads to cover the gaps, it drapes down the wall in an appealing manner. Its thick growth deters weeds. I could touch it every day and every day get a fantastic burst of powerful fragrance. Instead, at best, I brush against it by accident sometimes when I take the trash out.

It’s true I will always love the sage more but that does not excuse my neglect. I must try to do better.


4 thoughts on “My Unappreciated Rosemary

  1. Metaphor!

    In other news I need to change names, apparently. Again.

    Stupid socials.


  2. I’ve also been told the plants scare away lovebugs. Any truth to that? Do you even have lovebugs in CA? If not, would you like some?


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