Travel Dreamstate

I just returned from a family reunion, which was terrific – I was an adult before I met this segment of family and I so enjoy them. But that is another story (partly told in my novel Scar Jewelry).

Cannot decide whether this post exhibits advanced or naive blogging technique. Chapter 72. Starting a Post with a Digression.

Anyway. As I was not yet saying.

I reached the reunion via a 2 hour plane flight. Same time zone. That  is unfortunate because jet lag makes the displacement of travel more tangible and credible. This kind of travel creates such a sense of unreality. Drag a bag through an airport, sit in a cramped seat surrounded by engine drone and the coughs of strangers, drag a bag through another airport. Suddenly home and family and critters and friends are gone. New sights new tastes new sensations. Reverse the airport – cramped seat – airport regimen and then I am back on familiar ground, enjoying reunions with family and critters. I lay down in my own bed and the whole trip seems like a particularly realistic and lucid dream.


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