Impromptu Rorschach Test (1)

The cracks in this asphalt (to me) suggest a left-handed javelin thrower, mid-throw.  To you?…



8 thoughts on “Impromptu Rorschach Test (1)

  1. I saw a naked guy, too. Coincidentally(?), Mike started yelling, “Ice cream! Gelato!” as soon as I pulled up the picture. Turns out, he was yelling at the contestants on “Chopped”, but now I can kinda see dessert in the stone, too. If you look at it sideways, it could be a cup of cappuccino with a biscotti cookie on the side.


  2. A mother figure on her knees,leaning in a bathtub bathing her kiddos. Oh,and she doesn’t have any pants on so you can see her butt.


  3. I definitely see a human figure. Maybe the backside of an artistic nude model. Great job paying such attention to detail. Even cracks in the sidewalk can tell a story. 🙂


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