An Ode to Dirt

In between rainstorms, I just took the dog for a walk and it is so clean and fresh outside – it smells like dirt!

Dirt has always been important to me.  Dirt is being outdoors. Dirt is gardening, and the thrill of a plant thriving (okay, sometimes simply surviving) in my domain. Dirt is geology field trips, and reading the landscape to glimpse the history of the planet. Dirt is many happy childhood hours between the roots of the backyard tree, where I was determined to dig to China.

Dirt should not be confused with dust, however, which is a housekeeping annoyance.


5 thoughts on “An Ode to Dirt

  1. I love this description of dirt. Very true, but so easily forgotten. I have a soft spot for taking commonly unappreciated things and realizing the beauty in them.


  2. Dirt–yes, especially that which reappears in the spring after the winter snow. Something like a doggy-wet-blanket but with the cachet of a rose garden!


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