You Can Talk About Writing – Too Much

If I talk about what I am writing – or planning to write – I make the writing more difficult and put the piece at risk of getting set aside, ne’er to be finished. It doesn’t matter what the listener’s reaction is – enthusiasm or boredom, support or disdain – sharing the ideas damages my process of converting ideas to fiction.  After I talk about writing, I simply feel less urgency to get it done.

Seems like it would be fun to brainstorm with other writers or use them as sounding boards. But  I’m not sure I could even talk to the cats without jeopardy. Maybe I could talk to a mirror? Never mind about that. Creepy.

Am I the only one in this situation? That doesn’t seem possible. Other writers, which side of this fence are you on?


2 thoughts on “You Can Talk About Writing – Too Much

  1. I can only talk about my novels, but talking about my short stories can ruin my writing process, too. So instead of talking to someone, I “talk” to my notebooks by just writing everything down. I used to hesitate about starting to write a piece and waited until I felt it was developed enough in my mind to come out perfectly the first time. Well, that can take forever! Now, I always write everything down, even if it’s just the basic idea. That helps me relax my mind since I don’t have to be afraid I’ll forget the idea, and that keeps the creative juices flowing. But like you, I can’t discuss it with anyone else. It just kills the excitement and inspiration somehow.


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