Fear of Blogging, the Sequel

When I started this blog, I feared it would eat into my novel-writing time. Two weeks into the experiment, all is well on that front. Creating and writing the blog turns out to be like anything else:

  • make it a part of daily life
  • don’t try to do it all at once
  • identify what makes it fun and don’t let that slip away.

As for how the blog impacts my new novel, if anything blogging may have helped by giving me an outlet for stray ideas.

Now I’ve got a new concern (maybe I’ve always got to have a concern). When people Like or Follow my blog, I of course check out their blogs and that has been a revelation. There are so many interesting and informative and inspiring blogs! I could spend all my time reading them.

So I find it easy to Like, but hard to Follow.  The latter feels like such a serious commitment. What’s the point of following a blog if you don’t stay engaged with every post? Still, I don’t mind letting posts flow and slip away on Facebook. What’s the difference? Maybe that blogs are writing and Fb is chatting?


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