Short Fiction

Short stories! Shorter stories. Flash fiction!

For the first time, I’m writing something other than novels.*

It all started with a dream. I woke up one night at 3am, realized “that was a short story” and couldn’t get back to sleep until I’d done some jotting.

So far, the stories are a grab-bag of literary fiction and genres. Same as my novels.

I’ll be posting stories here on this blog and adding more, every week or so, until they are all here (listed with approximate word counts):

Debut  (400 words)
The Gates (500 words)
You’re the One I’ll Miss (1160 words)
Mezzanine (600 words)
Black Road Home (3630 words)

*I note the progression has been: novels… novellas… short stories. Assume the end result will be haiku.