Was There Something They Failed to Tell Me?

The first time I saw a sign like this, I jumped to an easy conclusion. Typo – need to add an s, guys!


Then I saw a second, similar sign, and my outsider complex kicked in. Had my English teachers withheld a critical piece of information?

Sign2014-05-30 19.41.53

Or does one local signmaker get a lot of work, despite gaps in grammar education? Anybody else seen signs like this?

(The WP Weekly Photo Challenge is Signs.)


3 thoughts on “Was There Something They Failed to Tell Me?

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  2. Yes! Only, it turned out the sign was right and everyone else I had ever heard speak was wrong. It was at the fort in St. Augustine, the Castillo De San Marcos. There were several signs referencing “these cannon” and I kept going back to look at them over and over again to make sure an S hadn’t been worn away with age or removed by a vandal. Turns out, the plural of cannon is cannon. Even knowing that, though, it’s hard for me to leave off the S that my mouth just wants to add. Similarly, it’s difficult for me to say “these data” because hardly anyone else gets it right, even though I know that data is the plural of datum. Okay, I’m done.

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  3. …indeed! Unfortunately the photo is somewhere near the bottom of my negative collection, if not lost. I once saw a sign saying (in German): “Children’s playground! Dogs may not.”
    Your findings could nourish a certain paranoia. Great pictures!

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