Turtle Party!

I am lucky enough to work near Caltech, a beautiful campus that is perfect for a lunchtime stroll. In the ponds of its Japanese garden, there once were frogs, crayfish, carp, and turtles. Now there are only carp and turtles – and no one is talking about what happened to the others. If you stand near the sign that says “Do Not Feed the Animals”, many of the turtles will flock to you in anticipation of getting fed. (Apparently turtles are not the only ones who can’t read.)

Below are some of the turtles on a typical sunny day.

Turtle fun in the sun.

Turtle fun in the sun.

The party at its climax.

The party at its climax.

A recent WP Photo Challenge topic was “Community”.


3 thoughts on “Turtle Party!

  1. Ain’t no party like a turtle party ’cause a turtle party don’t stop.


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